Class Descriptions

Class Descriptions

Gentle Yoga


Calm gentle movements combined with breath focus. This is pure yoga for life.  

Gentle yoga provides us with the time to slow down, focus on our body and breath with key movements that promote flexibility and mobility.

I recommend this class as the starting point for all those looking to begin a movement practice. Many of my students started their yoga journey with me in this class and thanks to the feel good nature in each session are still attending it years later!

Ideal for all stages of life,  safe for those recovering from injury, returning to exercise or simply in need of stress relief. 

The perfect place to start for most beginners. 

Gentle Flow


Yoga for life with a little more strength!

Here we start to build on the foundations of our gentle yoga practice as we progress into the world of vinyasa yoga.

Along with all our classic gentle postures we will introduce weight baring poses such as downward facing dog and plank as we start to build strength, flexibility and stamina.  We learn how to flow fluidly from one pose to the next and prepare the body for the demands of a vinyasa flow class ( Ready to Flow)

This class includes plenty of movements designed to bring balance to our bodies and counteract modern living while also preparing us for vinyasa flow.

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Gentle Yoga & Gentle Flow