Prana Yoga Retreats

Prana Yoga Retreats

Join Claire and her husband, Piotr for yoga retreats designed and led from the heart.

Immerse yourself in Claire's seasonally inspired yoga practices and relaxations.

Nourish your body with Piotr's creative vegetarian cuisine.

Whether your wish is to rest, move, relax, explore or soul search….

Let us take care of you!



Day Retreats in Cork

Sat 23rd March 2024

Sun 24th March 2024

Sat 13th April 2024


Weekend Retreats in Wexford

Relax, De-Stress & Nourish

1st – 3rd March 2024

19th – 21st July 2024


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Summer Solstice Retreat
16th – 21st June 2024


Claire Yoga Prana Yoga Retreats


Returning in 2025….