Ready to Flow & Yoga Flow

Vinyasa Flow Yoga Classes – Cork Yoga with Claire

Cork Yoga with Claire

Ready to Flow 

This class is for those who either have some basic yoga experience or have attended my gentle classes. Occasionally beginners may start here if they have a good level of fitness but I encourage all students to start with gentle yoga so they have firm foundational knowledge. 

Ready to Flow will invigorate and enliven your whole body as we start to integrate our movements through vinyasa flow.

We will challenge ourselves as we progress through the full sun salutations and explore new and fun transitions.

We will explore deeper new variations of familiar poses while building heat and working up core strength. 

We while we build our dedication, Claire also encourages us to take a light hearted approach to the more challenging aspects of the practice. 

Each session contains a strong breath focus and finishes with a restful and relaxing savasana.


Cork Yoga with Claire

Yoga Flow 

A continuation from Ready to Flow. 

In this class it is assumed you are already familiar with the full sun salutations and range of basic poses covered in my gentle and ready to flow classes.

This is a strong, dynamic class for those with a regular, dedicated physical yoga practice. 

In yoga flow we focus on preparing the body for peak poses such as arm balances and full backbends. 

Less demonstration is given for basic assumed knowledge, allowing more time for individual guidance and adjustments.

Extra time is taken to break down and develop techniques that make peak poses achievable. Each course is tailored to the individual groups abilities. 


This is a rewarding and fun class where with the benefit of Claire’s 12 year long personal experience you will see your progress build and soar over each course.