Studio Classes in Ballincollig

Studio Classes in Ballincollig

Class Schedule


Join me for weekly classes or twice monthly relaxation workshops

2 wonderful studio locations in Ballincollig Town Centre

Online booking is essential 

6 week courses €75 – Single Classes €14 – Relax & De-Stress €25

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Class Descriptions



 A soothing candlelit class that brings ease and deep relaxation to the body and mind. Minimal movement is involved in this restful class, each week we will use props to seek out complete physical comfort. With the comfort of blankets and cushions we learn how to gently release tension and stress. 


Chair Movement

A mindful class of movement, breathing exercises and relaxation.

Each week we explore gentle movement and stretches, all with the aid and support of a chair. The majority of this class is conducted in the chair with some poses offered from a standing position.

This is a class open to all ages, it is particularly enjoyable for those who find it difficult getting up and down from the floor, those recovering from illness/injury or with limited mobility. I also highly recommend it postnatally from 6 weeks.   


Gentle Flow 

Yoga for life with a little more strength building! Here we start to build on the foundations of our gentle yoga practice as we progress into the world of vinyasa yoga. Along with all our classic gentle postures we will introduce weight baring poses such as downward facing dog and plank as we start to build strength, flexibility and stamina.  We will learn how to flow fluidly from one pose to the next and prepare the body for the demands of a vinyasa flow class. Plenty of time is incorporated for breath, stillness and relaxation throughout. 

Beginners Yoga

A real introduction to this ancient practice. This course is designed for complete beginners but will also appeal to those with asana experience as we will not only be delving into movements, breath and postures but also yoga's origins, history, etiquette etc. Those who enjoy a gentle approach will appreciate these sessions too! 

My beginners course is led with a compassionate approach with plenty of advice offered to those with injuries, back pain etc. Varying options will be given each week so this practice will meet you where ever you are at physically or energetically. 
Sessions will be live in studio and via Zoom, with all participants receiving the recording access each week. 


Gentle Yoga 

Calm gentle movements combined with breath focus. This is yoga for life.  Gentle yoga provides us with the time to slow down, focus on our body and breath with key movements that promote flexibility and mobility. I recommend this class as the starting point for all those looking to start a movement practice.
Ideal for all stages of life, those recovering from injury, returning to exercise or simply in need of stress relief. A great class for beginners!


Relax & De-Stress Saturdays

Restorative Deep Rest  – 2hr Relaxation Class on twice monthly    

Slow down, unwind & rest through breath work, restorative postures & guided relaxation. Treat yourself at these special candlelit sessions. Click here for more info on these deeply restful weekend sessions

Weekly Schedule