Weekly Live

Weekly Live


Live Zoom Classes start 15th September!

Join me for live Zoom classes every week or play back recordings whenever it suits you.

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Online Class Schedule


5 week online courses

1 Course – €50

2 courses – €70

3 courses – €90


  • Each one hour class is streamed live via Zoom with direct contact with me and the ability to chat before and after each live class.
  • Can’t make the live time or want to repeat the class? No worries! The class is recorded and you receive access to replay it as often as you like for the following 7 days.
  • Classes can be viewed on your phone, tablet or PC through Zoom. 
  • You will receive an email each week containing the direct link to the live class and after the class a second email with access to the class recording  for that week.
  • Videos will become available within a few hours of the class end and remain available for 7 days
  • Sign up for all 3 courses for just €6 a class


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Keep scrolling down for FAQ and  class descriptions….


What class is appropriate for me? 

 If you are unsure the best is to discuss with me directly but as a general guide:

Gentle Yoga – Suitable for everyone including complete beginners and during pregnancy( from 13 weeks)

Ready to Flow – Best suited to those with some experience in Gentle Yoga or Gentle Flow or have some level of existing fitness. 

Restorative yoga – Suitable for everyone including complete beginners and during pregnancy

If you are pregnant or have specific injuries or health issues , please get in touch with me directly so I can advise you appropriately. Keep scrolling down to see the full class descriptions. 


Can I book a single class?

Yes! Single class access is available for every class for €12. Click here to book.


Help! I’m not sure about all this technology?

Don’t worry! I have set this up to be as easy as possible for us all. It’s all new for everyone so you are not alone.

Once you have email access and a phone, tablet or computer to download the zoom application, you are good to go. 

It would be ideal if you have a camera and microphone capability on your device so I can see and chat with you at the live classes but it is not a necessity and if you don’t wish to be seen you can switch off your camera at any stage.

I am on hand to provide tech support and we will happily guide you through any difficulties over the phone or via email.

So don’t hesitate to contact me with all your questions and concerns


What if I don’t have bolsters, blocks etc?

That’s ok! You don’t need any special equipment. Most classes only require a mat and a blanket for relaxation. 

For the restorative classes, I will show you how to use things you already have in your house such as pillows, cushions, chairs etc. We can substitute straps with scarves, belts, etc. You don’t need to spend lots of money on equipment.


Weekly Online Class Descriptions


Gentle Yoga -60 mins – recorded live on Tuesday 6.15pm – 7.15pm

Yoga for Life! Suitable for all. 

Calm gentle movements combined with breath focus. This is yoga for life.  Gentle yoga provides us with the time to slow down, focus on our body and breath with key movements that promote flexibility and mobility. I recommend this class as the starting point for all those looking to start a movement practice.
Ideal for all stages of life, those recovering from injury, returning to exercise or simply in need of stress relief. A great class for beginners!


Ready to Flow – 60 mins – recorded live on  Wednesday 6.30pm – 7.30pm

This class will invigorate and enliven your whole body as we start to integrate our movements through vinyasa flow. We will challenge ourselves as we progress through the full sun salutations and explore new and fun transitions. We will explore deeper variations of familiar poses while building heat and working up core strength..All complete with breath focus and finishing with a restful and relaxing savasana.


Restorative Yoga –  60 mins- recorded live on Wednesday  8pm – 9pm

Restorative yoga suitable for all.

The ultimate way to unwind and relax. Minimal movement involved in this class where we use the support of our props to find complete ease and comfort in our postures. We all need more rest in our lives, restorative yoga teaches us how to make space and time to value this deeply rejuvenating practice.

Ideal for everyone, particularly good for those suffering from stress, anxiety or recovering from illness.