Reviews & Feedback

As someone who has attended Claire’s classes for a couple of years now, I highly recommend practicing yoga with Claire, whether you’re a beginner or have been practicing for years. She offers a range of classes and whether you get to attend an in-person class or her super virtual live classes, it’s one of the best yoga experiences you’ll find anywhere. Her calm, clear teaching and warm personality helps build a clear understanding of poses which is so valuable for those practicing at home.

Audrey, Studio & Online Classes, 2021

I love Claire’s classes I find them easy to follow with simple clear instructions. She has a really excellent understanding of people’s different abilities and gives alternative ways of doing the poses. I like how she varies the classes and poses to make the yoga more interesting. I always feels relaxed and happy after one if her classes and can’t recommend her enough!

Mary, Studio & Online Classes, 2020

Practising with Claire has really improved my flexibility and stamina as well as increasing my overall wellbeing. I joined the online all-access course last term so I've been able to practice at any time that suits me and at whatever pace I'm able for at that particular time. Having access to her library of classes means there's lots of variety to choose from. However, the main reason I love Claire's classes is that she's a wonderful teacher! She's kind, caring and so very knowlegable about yoga and meditation. Her years of experience shine through. She gives lots of options in each pose so for anyone recovering from injury or dealing with a long term medical condition such as arthritis, you'll be in safe hands with Claire.

Sinead, Online Classes, 2021

Claire’s online gentle yoga classes have really helped me get through this lockdown both mentally and physically. It was  so important  for me at the start of this strange existence to maintain some connection to my normally active life.  Claire always encourages us to have a sense of compassion and kindness towards ourselves which is key to staying in a healthy and positive  state of mind in these strange constrained  times. The practice has helped me maintain a level of fitness and flexibility that otherwise would have been lost.  It is fantastic having access to all classes. I am learning so much more about yoga and meditation and I love having the freedom of doing a class whenever I want. Thanks Claire and keep up the great work.

Mairead, Online & Studio Classes, 2020

Claire is a fantastic teacher, patient and kind. Classes are informative and restore your mental health. I would highly recommend.

Emma, Online & Studio Classes, 2020

It was amazingly refreshing and relaxing atmosphere, Claire is very friendly and welcoming. Love it!

Ingrid, Relax & De-Stress, 2019

Claire runs the most amazing retreats and classes, if your looking to meet some of the nicest friendliest yogi folk, I highly recommend- the sense of peace wellbeing calm Claire, Piotr and team impart is truly comforting – from the classes accommodation food facilities. in particular if your new to yoga or a fair weather yogi like myself give the classes or retreat a try – I cant wait to go back or if looking for the perfect Christmas gift check out their retreats.

This was my 2nd retreat and was a very welcome gift for my 40th. Perfect.

Mags, Kenmare Retreats, 2016 & 2018