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You Deserve To Rest

Do you feel like you get enough rest?

I recently took a poll on my social media. I posed the question, Do you feel like you get enough rest? I was feeling quite tired at the time and was wondering just how many others were feeling the same. A very telling 91% answered no.


It is not the most scientific way to get a statistic but the result does speak for itself. 91% felt they don’t get enough rest. It didn’t surprise me, I spend many of my waking hours discussing the need to rest for optimum health. Having been at the mercy of adrenal fatigue myself in the past, I now share the methods that facilitate full mental and physical relaxation.

Have you ever felt guilty for resting, for doing ‘nothing’?

One thing is clear, as a society we have to start prioritising real rest. Modern culture has glorified the busy, Let’s start to value the act of slowing down and give ourselves permission to rest. No one can consistently run on empty, you wouldn’t expect that from your car or your smartphone, so why from yourself?  This month I encourage you to find some rest in each day.

Resting can start with just slowing down as you go about daily tasks, take a gentle walk in the park or have a phone free day.

Why not try a restorative yoga class or just head to bed an hour early?

For many of us simply starting to say no can be a good place to start. If you feel constantly fatigued but think there is no space for rest in your current lifestyle.

Consider this: You deserve to rest. Try making space in your routine and see how you can recover from the tiredness and come back stronger and more energised.


Claire is an extensively experienced and qualified Cork based yoga & relaxation teacher. 

She compassionately guides individuals to use yoga as path to finding balance in life.  Join her in person, online or through her events and retreats.

Learn more about Claire here

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