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Breathing To Soothe The Mind And Sleep Well

Whenever I teach a class, no matter what style of yoga, I always begin with some breathing exercises.

The breath is the simplest tool we can use to help reduce anxiety and stress. Put quite simply, when we breathe better, we feel better!

Here is one of my favourite breath techniques known as ‘Humming Bee’ breath. In this technique we create a soothing humming sound which calms busy minds and helps boost our mood. 

Although it can be practiced anytime, I really recommend it in the evening.

The soothing humming sound can help with insomnia and is a wonderful aid for a good nights sleep.

We practice this in my relaxation classes and many of my students swear by it!

1. Sit comfortably with a tall spine and your head straight. Relax your jaw.


2. Raise your arms up with the elbows out and block your ears by placing the tips of your thumbs gently over the ears. The remaining fingers can rest on the top of the head


3. Close your eyes.


4. Take a smooth inhale and let the tip of your tongue touch the roof of your mouth. Keep your mouth gently closed and shoulders relaxed.


5. As you exhale, make a low humming sound. This humming sound should be continuous to end of your exhale.


This is one round, repeat steps 4 & 5, five or ten times!

Gently release your hands down. Take a few normal breaths to notice any changes in your breath or your mood, then open your eyes slowly.


Claire is an extensively experienced and qualified Cork based yoga & relaxation teacher. 

She compassionately guides individuals to use yoga as path to finding balance in life.  Join her in person, online or through her events and retreats.

Learn more about Claire here

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Breathing to soothe the mind and sleep well