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First time?
What You Need To Know About Yoga Classes

This month I would like to erase your fears about attending your first yoga class!

It can be a little daunting, there are strange words used like ‘savasana’ and everyone else seems to just know where to put their shoes or what props they need for the class.

But, classes are welcoming environments so no need to feel apprehensive, here’s a few tips to get you ready;


How to dress?

No special clothes needed, you simply need to be comfortable and able to move easily.


What to bring?

In my classes everything is provided but I always recommend students bring their own mats for hygiene and comfort reasons.


What is the classroom etiquette?

Shoes off, as a respect to our practice space we leave our shoes at the door.

Phones must be switched off completely or better yet, left at home! Make the most of this time with zero distractions.


What if I can’t… touch my toes or sit cross legged?

It doesn’t matter!! Yoga is not about what it looks like, it is about the experience!, Everybody is different, what is easy for some, is challenging for others and vice versa. We learn to respect our bodies for how they are today.


Will it be hard?

I always say the hardest part is turning up! Once you arrive on your mat there is only a world of benefits ahead of you.  You will learn to move and breathe in new ways and you will quickly learn that when you hear the word ‘savasana’ you are about to experience the best relaxation in your day!


This article was originally published in Ballincollig Health & Wellbeing Magazine, March 2019.

Claire is an extensively experienced and qualified Cork based yoga & relaxation teacher. 

She compassionately guides individuals to use yoga as path to finding balance in life.  Join her in person, online or through her events and retreats.

Learn more about Claire here

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