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Enter Into The World Of Hygge

You may have heard that Denmark often ranks very high when it comes to seeking out the happiest nation in the world. Denmark even has its own Happiness Research Institute located in Copenhagen! So perhaps we can learn a thing or two from the Danes about wellbeing and living. The Danes have become well known in recent years for their use of the word ‘Hygge’.

When I first heard the word, pronounced hoo-gah, I was fascinated that they had managed to put a name on this feeling. Hygge is a feeling that has to be experienced to be understood but I can guarantee you’ve felt it before. It’s that comforting feeling of stepping in from the wind and the rain to find a warm fire and a cup of tea waiting for you. Whether you manage to stumble across it or create it for yourself, it truly does give you a sense of contentment.


What is Hygge all about?

Hygge is in essence an absence of stress, a sense of safety in a cosy warm atmosphere. (My husband was quick to point out that this also makes for an accurate description of restorative yoga which is probably why I was so drawn to it!) Hygge can simply be a quiet enjoyment of a steaming cup of hot chocolate or a long winter night in by the fire with great company. There is no better time of year to embrace hygge than during the festive season. It certainly provides the perfect antidote to the mad dash shopping trips in the rain and or boozy nights out in boisterous crowds.


We can all develop our own sense of the word and experience it in our own way but there are some elements that can combine to create a perfect hygge environment. These you can easily try at home to create the perfect cosy sanctuary for you or your family. Enjoy a day or night in with the family or invite friends over to step away from the Christmas chaos and share the hygge with you!


Christmas Hygge Tips


  • Get comfy! Grab your favourite blankets, fluffy socks and light the fire. Snuggle up!

  • Dim the lights, switch on the Christmas tree and light some candles. It’s all about the atmosphere.

  • Be in the moment. Agree to switch off phones and put away all devices for a few hours. Dedicate your time to the people around you.

  • Be kind to yourself. Allow the little guilt free indulgences. A hot port, some quality chocolate. Enjoy it!

  • Be kind to those around you. Enjoy just being together. Set the drama aside.

  • Allow a sense of gratitude for the moment, savour it and soak it up.

  • Give yourself the gift of a peaceful and stress-free Christmas. Embrace Hygge!


Claire is an extensively experienced and qualified Cork based yoga & relaxation teacher. 

She compassionately guides individuals to use yoga as path to finding balance in life.  Join her in person, online or through her events and retreats.

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Enter into the world of Hygge

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Enter into the world of Hygge