These new protocols are designed to allow us to have a safe and enjoyable class experience together. They have been complied in line with guidance and advisory from HSE, Ireland Active and Yoga Alliance Professionals and are subject to update as we keep a close eye on any new developments.  If you have any concerns please contact Claire Dunniece on

1. If you are experiencing any of the common covid-19 symptoms as outlined here please act responsibly and do not attend class. At this time I cannot offer class swaps or transfers between courses for missed classes but a similar online class will be made available to you to practice at home within the course period.

2. Until further notice payments must be made online or over the phone.

3. New students must complete an online registration form here prior to their first attendance.
4. Weekly Classes – Please ensure that you bring your own mat to each class. Blankets and pillows will no longer be provided but you are welcome to bring your own.
5. Relax & De-Stress Sessions – All participants must bring at minimum, 1 mat, 1 blanket and 1 cushion. All additional props required will be supplied (fully sanitised) and will not be shared between any participants. Participants are encouraged to bring an empty pillow case to cover bolsters and welcomed to bring their own bolster, blocks and strap should they have them.

6: Please arrive to class no more than 10 mins before your class start time. 

7. Hand sanitiser is available at various points as you enter the building and when entering the studio, please ensure you use it before and after class.

8. Maintain social distancing in the hallways. Only 1 person in each bathroom at a time.

9. Each class set up will consist of 2 pods of 6 people, please keep within the same pod area each week. After class we will exit the studio one pod at a time, maintaining social distancing between each participant. This will be thoroughly explained in class.

10. The studio is a large and airy space, as often as the weather allows the windows will be kept open to provide additional fresh air, it may be necessary to wear an extra layer of clothing!

11. Extra hygiene protocols are in place, the floor and all equipment are sanitised after every class as well as any frequently touched locations disinfected regularly. 

While some of these new ways may seem alien to us, the heart of our community and practice remain the same. My wish is for each of you to feel safe, comfortable and to continue to receive all the benefits of yoga, to be uplifted and renewed from each session. I am honoured to hold this space of refuge for us and I am grateful for your understanding and kindness as we navigate this path together.