Cork Yoga with Claire – Welcome to my first ever blog! 

Cork Yoga with Claire


Here I share my thoughts and knowledge that I have gathered over my 12 + years of devotion to yoga and through thousands of hours leading classes.

These posts wil cover various yoga, health and wellbeing topics that I hope you find useful. 

I share this with gratitude to all my teachers past and present who have given their wisdom and experience so readily and to my students who in turn teach me so much every single class!

Forever a student…. Claire


Support your Immune system: Keep it simple!

Who hasn’t wondered about the strength of their immune system in the past few months? There is no denying that these are tough times, whether you are heading out each day as an essential worker in thi...

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You deserve to rest
I recently took a poll on my social media. I posed the question, Do you feel like you get enough rest? I was feeling quite tired at the time and was wondering just how many others were feeling the sam...

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Breathing to soothe the mind and sleep well

yoga breathing
Whenever I teach a class, no matter what style of yoga, I always begin with some breathing exercises. The breath is the simplest tool we can use to help reduce anxiety and stress. Put quite simply, wh...

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What you need to know about yoga classes!

ballincollig yoga studio
This month I would like to erase your fears about attending your first yoga class! It can be a little daunting, there are strange words used like ‘savasana’ and everyone else seems to just...

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